Don’t underrate your course – Founder of PEC Institute urges technical students

The Founder of PEC Institute, Miss Bridget Bonnie has urged technical students not to be shy of their course and underrate it but rather pursue tech and vocational training in order to empower themselves to a higher level and become the best.

According to her, TVET education is the surest bet to acquiring employable skills to meet quick job demands.

“Today’s world is about what sort of skills you have and what you are capable of doing with those skills, which puts technical skill training in a very beneficial position for students after school,” Ms. Bridget Bonnie stated.

She made this known when she led her team to the Ada Senior High and Technical School (ASTECH) where they engaged the students as they prepare for education and career progressions into the tertiary institutions after their WASSCE which commences in August 2022.

The PEC Institute, as part of its projects, embarked on ‘The Before Tertiary Drive 2022’ which targets students in their final year in Senior High Schools.

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The PEC has three projects Before Second Cycle Drive, Before Tertiary Drive, and the Skills Development Drive.

The Institute brought together professionals to enlighten them about things to consider when choosing their programs in tertiary, cut-off pints, judicious use of social media, and others.

Some professionals who participated in this year’s edition included the founder of the PEC Institute, Majorie Anaa Kwardey, Mr. George Agyeman-Budu, the C.E.O of IBG Social, Miss Susana Mabel Darpoh, a Volunteer nurse at Kpone Polyclinic, Miss Amma Odamea Amoako, a digital marketer, and law student and Mr. Andy Akorli, a photographer.

The second edition of The ‘Before Tertiary Drive 2022’ initiative educated the students about courses in university, personal, oral, and menstrual hygiene, social media footprints, career development, and other relevant issues.

During the outreach, sanitary pads, toothbrushes, toothpaste, exercise books, and shaving sticks were shared with the students in addition to the education provided.

Majorine Anakwa, a technical student recounted how shy she was and not confident enough about her course of study but has promised to put in her best to become an architect in the future.

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Some students also mentioned having been forced into programs they are not comfortable with, hence struggling to make good grades.

The Assistant Headmaster for Administration at ASTECH, Mr. Patrick Adjison climaxed the program by encouraging the students to put the knowledge shared into practice.
He also mentioned that the PEC YELL is great but they will need to put in the work.

PEC: I am Capable
PEC: I will do it
PEC: I will succeed

The PEC institute hopes to have more editions of these initiatives in other senior high schools in the coming months and beseech corporate organizations to join them to make huge impacts in the lives of these young ones.



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