Don’t make a sex tape; Sex is a private act – Ghanaian actor

Don't make a sex tape; Sex is a private act - Actor James Clarke
James Clarke

Have you ever recorded a sex tape with your partner? Sex tapes have become prevalent in recent times, but James Clarke believes that no reason is reason enough to jeopardize your mental health and social standing.

Speaking in an interview on the Day Show by Berla Mundi, James Clarke, an actor and Entertainment pundit, explained that it is unreasonable for partners to record each other during sex. He further explained that the act is private and should not be seen by a third party or individual.

“Per the tradition in Ghana and Africa, we frown on these kinds of things. There’s no way I will do that. Having sex should be between you and your girl. It’s not supposed to be known or seen by a third party,” he said

Mr Clarke further communicated that recording a sex tape without consent is a criminal offence. And women who find themselves as victims in such situations should report to the police for legal actions to be taken.

The Cyber Security Act 2020 says that threatening to distribute private images or videos of the other person engaged in sexually explicit conduct to harass, threaten, coerce or intimidate the person is a crime.
And exerting any undue influence on that person (in the images and video) to extort money or compel the victim to engage in any unwanted sexual activity warrants a jail sentence.
The offender is likely to go to prison for not less than one year and not more than three years. A child offender will be jailed for not less than 15 years.

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Despite all these laid outlaws, some people still extort money from victims of sex tapes and mostly, women are the target.
It has become a means of business as people use contorted means to get access to a sex tape of others and extort monies from them.

Recently, Nigerian singer Tiwa Savage was blackmailed about a sex tape. She revealed that the blackmailer requested money from her to cover up. Tiwa admitted that she was tempted to pay to hush things up. However, she decided not to and owned up to it.

Mr Clarke commended Tiwa for owning up to her actions and revealed that he would have done the same if he was in her situation. He reiterated that it is not advisable to negotiate with a criminal.

By Benedicta Naa Lamiorkor Lawson||Ghana