Don’t exchange our peace with evil desires of politicians – Ghanaians told

The Kaneshie Area Head of the Church of Pentecost, Apostle Emmanuel Achim Gyimah has admonished Ghanaians to safeguard the peace in this country lest it is swapped with the evil desires of some politicians.
He equally advised those in charge of the electoral process to resist the temptation of massaging  results to favour a particular candidate.
Apostle Achim Gyimah was addressing the general public and members of the Church of Pentecost at the monthly Mandela Prayer Meetings to launch the Church’s Agent of Peace Campaign on November 4, 2016.
“… Christians and the good people of Ghana must not be complacent and take our peace for granted, nor allow the aspirations of some few self-seeking politicians to take us ransom during this period of electioneering campaigns to drive us to exchange our peace for their selfish motives that can easily throw our dear country into chaos as it nearly happened in 2012 Elections.
“It is a godly idea to aspire to win political power through free, fair and credible elections to become the President or a Member of Parliament, but to manipulate and massage the electoral process and machinery to win power is evil which calls for insecurity, tension, violence and civil wars that is prevalent on the continent of Africa.
He further advised the Electoral Commission, judiciary, media and the security agencies to act professionally in the discharge of their duty.
“The Political parties agents and leaders, the Electoral Commission, the media, security personnel, and the Judiciary, in case there is a dispute, to go by the constitution that defines their role in the general elections of the state to elect a President and Parliamentarians.
“If these institutions will sincerely play their roles professionally without fear, intimidation, or favor, then Ghana has no cause to fear and doubt the credibility of our elections.”
A member of the Church of Pentecost Executive Council, Apostle Joseph Assabil who represented the General Secretary of the Church, warned Christians against putting their trust in anyone or thing other than God.
“Anything that is used to replace God is deceptive,” he said, explaining that some people have entrusted their hope in man-made things like posters of men of God and religious-based inscriptions, thinking they can guarantee their protection in their journey on earth.
Representatives of political parties pledged to ensure peace before, during and after the 2016 general elections.
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Listen to Aps. Achim Gyimah

By Isaac Essel |3news.com| Ghana

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