Don't blame TV stations for foreign content – Kalybos

Ghanaian comedian and actor, Richard Asante, popularly referred to as Kalybos, has added his voice to the ongoing debate about foreign content on local television stations and its crippling effect on local production and the industry as a whole. The Film Producers Association of Ghana (FIPAG), in a statement last year, argued that foreign telenovelas shown on local television is negatively affecting sale and consumption of local movies in the country. Kalybos, who made an appearance on satirical talk show ‘After Hours’ with Mikki Osei Berko on TV3, however, had a differing opinion. “The problem there has to be shared,” he stated. “You don’t blame the TV stations because they want quality content.” Kalybos also insisted that part of the plight of local producers has to do with their reluctance to do in-depth studies about their craft. “One thing I have noticed about Ghanaians is that we do not do in-depth studies to move ahead in our craft. The challenge with Africans is that we do not want to learn about something to move ahead. Any profession you find yourself, you have to learn and know the dos and don’ts of it to move forward. Most of our productions here, our productions houses, the crew, they mostly don’t know, mostly they learn on the job,” he argued. Watch full interview below: Source:|Ghana ]]>

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