Don’t blackmail men you sleep with on social media – Founder of CCDM


Founder of the Christ Calvary International Deliverance Ministry (CCDM) at Haatso in Accra, Apostle Lina Kankam has called on Ghanaians to rise up against the practice where some women reveal names of their sexual partners, including men in leadership positions and married men, on social media, in order to either tarnish their reputation or black mail them.

This follows the recent trend on social media, where some women, disclose names of men they have been intimate with in order to tarnish their reputation or blackmail them.

According to the founder, such practices must not be abhorred, as the younger generation, especially young women, might begin to see blackmailing men on social media, after sleeping with them, as a means of survival instead of focusing on their education in order to achieve higher heights to enable them contribute to nation building.

Speaking to the congregation on Sunday, 20 February 2022 on the theme ‘Ungratefulness,’ Apostle Kankam condemned the practice.
She noted that, the rate at which the presidency has been hit with such scandals is becoming rampant, and called on Ghanaians to rise up against it in order to stop it from recurring.

Apostle Kankam said: “You’ll go and take a picture of some child’s organ and come and post it on social media and say that’s the President that we elected, that’s his organ. This is disgraceful to women, where are all the organisations, we must arrest it. We’re in Ghana, you think it’s not you, it reflects on the nation. One person did it to ex-president John Mahama, that person is not in your party. It was not you, because of that, you didn’t kick against it. Another person is speaking against the current president. He’s not your brother right, he’s not your uncle, he’s not your husband, he’s not your anything and you’re happy it’s going on and on.

“The next day, it will be you. I’m so disappointed in some women, I’m so hurt and bitter, this can’t go on, in a country, where we’re so cultured. Because of money, we’re not ashamed anymore, we slander, we blackmail our leaders because we want to take money from them, we say all sort of evil things. You don’t care if you destroy John Mahama’s marriage right, you don’t care if you destroy Nana Akufo-Addo’s marriage, what about the children. Some of us if we were wise, we will block this thing we’re not supposed to listen, it could be your uncle, it could be your wife.”

She added that: “Let us stop this. Let’s take out the chaff so that little girl growing up, or that boy will not think, that is the way we should survive, so that they too will start emulating what is happening. It’s a curse, we elected them into power, we all did, and we’re destroying their lives. Somebody could have died because of this, the ex-president could have died from the torture of our mouths. Most of the problems we go through is because of tongue trouble, we have destroyed so many.”


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