Don’t approve Ameri relocation – Parliament told

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Think tank The Energy and Associates Ghana (TEAG) has advised Parliament not to approve any motion that calls for the relocation of the Ameri power plant.

It said it will be “absurd” and “technically incompetent” to pursue such a move.

In a press release dated Wednesday, June 22, TEAG said Bui Hydroelectric Dam is now “full and blasting full load capacity”, therefore, supplying power to the middle belt area of the country.

“It is also worthy to note that the 330kV line from Kumasi to Ouagadougou has been completed and has since been supplying power.

“We mentioned in our earlier publications regarding this relocation, that once Bui peaks and the construction of the 330kV lines to Burkina [Faso] is completed, and in service, any additional generation will cause ‘ferranti effect’ and would attract additional cost to inject condensers.”

The think tank noted that the only motivation for the relocation of the Ameri plant is the construction of the gas pipeline from Nyinanyini to Ahomaso.

“It is more of a procurement agenda than to resolve any power issues in that area.”

It, therefore, rejected any such plans as it estimates operational cost to the country at some $500 million.

“Also we advise that government abandon the plan to again relocate AKSA plant to Kumasi. We are aware of government decision to redirect VRA to focus on only hydro power management and thus, is planning to sell off these thermal plant (T3) to private operators (AKSA).

“We must be mindful of this decision, we also recommend that repowering of T3 should be left to Govt and VRA and not any other third party.”

By Emmanuel Kwame Amoh||Ghana

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