Doctors say the pupil of Alan’s assaulted polling agent has shifted – Nyamah


The spokesperson of a flagbearer aspirant of the Alan Kyerematen, Mr Richard Nyamah has said that the polling agent of Mr Kyerematen who was allegedly assaulted in the just-ended super delegates conference that took place last Saturday, August 26 has undergone medical examination to ascertain the level of damage done to the eye.

The , he said, told them that the pupil had shifted its position.

Ali Zakaria was hit in the eye and had to be taken to the Baptist Medical Center (BMC) for immediate treatment in an incident that has been described as exaggerated by the party's regional branch.

But Mr Zakaria had to be brought to Accra for further treatment.

Speaking on the show on TV3 on Tuesday, August 29, Mr Nyamah said “The diagnosis is that the pupil has shifted from its position and the eye is so bloody, there is a lot of blood in the eyes but we were lucky none of the veins didn't bust.

“They have given some medication that in good time the eye should clear.”

The aspirant, Mr Kyerematen had also issued a warning to stakeholders that he will not tolerate attacks on his supporters in the future.

He said the on his Polling Agent in the during the Super Delegates' Conference on Saturday, August 26 was “an act of total indiscipline”.

Visiting his agent at the Dr Agarwal's Eye , Mr Kyerematen, who placed third in the weekend's elections after securing no votes in the North East Region, said the attack at the Nalerigu Senior High School constitutes a dent on the image of the NPP.

“We all joined the NPP because of our commitment to the values of our party but what is happening clearly shows that this is not what we bargained for,” he told on Tuesday, August 29.

He warned that such behaviour would not be tolerated by him in the future.

“I am not going to tolerate this kind of behaviour. It doesn't make sense and when we cannot conduct ourselves as a trying to select a leader in a peaceful and organised manner, how do we intend to be able to do the same kind of process when we have 200,000 plus people gathered?” he wondered concerning the November 4 Primary for the five qualified aspirants.

He said he is disturbed by the incident.

“Frankly, I am very disturbed about what has happened. The party must not put a shine on what has happened.”

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