Doctors confirmed bullet damaged my eye, but no pellet retrieved – ‘Blind’ demo victim

The 36-year old man who lost one of his eyes as a result of alleged Police brutality during a protest on the country’s voters’ register has successfully undergone surgical procedure to replace his damaged eye.

Justice Adzakumah claimed he was shot in the eye during a protest in Accra organised by the Let My Vote Count Alliance on September 16, 2015 to demand for a new electoral register claiming the current one is fraught with irregularities.
Doctors at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital in Accra have performed a surgical operation to replace his damaged left eye with an artificial one. He currently spots spectacles.
In his first media interview after the surgery, the father of two told Bridget Otoo Wednesday night on Tv3’s News @10 that doctors have confirmed it was bullet that hit his eye but said doctors could not retrieve any pellet of bullet from the eye because it fell down.
He said the cost of the surgery and the contact lens which was GHC800 and GHC200 respectively, have been duly paid by the New Patriotic Party which he is a member, and whose cause he was pursuing when he lost one of his eyes.
When asked the kind of surgical procedure he undergone, he could not tell except to say that on his first appointment some medicine was put on his damaged eye and a week later, his eye was measured and a new one moulded for him, noting that on his last appointment, the moulded artificial eye was fixed for him.
“First day I went there [Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital], they put something in my eye, they let me go for a week before they say I should come back so I went there. They used something to measure my eye, when they measure it before they mould it. So another time, I went there before they polish it and the last time before they fix it for me [sic],” he narrated how he got his eye replaced.
New Look
“Right now they finish everything,” he said, noting that he is happy with his new look and how fast he is recuperating.  “That day I was coming from the hospital, I enter the house my people see me say wow, they think is someone who come the house and I said they do the eye give me so they are all happy [sic]” he recounted.
Comparing his previous and current look, this is what Adzakumah had to say: “If I see this picture [after the incident] and I see myself for mirror top, I see say some change come. First time, I’m not looking good at all; the way they fix it for me now I’m okay [sic],” he said in pidgin English.
Asked how his new eye has changed his life, Adzakumah who is a shoe vendor responded: “Right now I’m feeling good. I’m in the house these days. The time the things do me I was relaxing in the house but up to now I’ve start doing any business”
But he said the New Patriotic Party has been very supportive with his upkeep
By Stephen Kwabena Effah||Ghana
Twitter @steviekgh

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