Doctor’s Advice: STI’s causes infertility in women; Seek early treatment

Doctor's Advice: STI's cause infertility in women; Seek treatment early
STI's and infertility in women
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Medical practitioner Dr Dennis Bortey, in a discussion on Tv3’s New day Show, disclosed that, although contraceptives can help prevent unwanted pregnancies. It does not always prevent sexually transmitted infections, which sometimes causes infertility in women.

Discussing contraceptives being a way to prevent unwanted pregnancy on the show, Dr Dennis explained contraceptives or contraception to be “anything you do or any device or agent you use in other to prevent yourself from getting pregnant.”

He stressed the fact that taking pills or injections to prevent unwanted pregnancy does not protect you from sexually transmitted infections (STI’s). Adding that sexually transmitted infections are also a major cause of infertility in women.

“Mind you, talking about contraception doesn’t mean that you taking pills every day prevents you from sexually transmitted infections. Basically, it is about protecting you from getting pregnant,” he said.

“Sexually transmitted infection is one cause of infertility in women,” Dr Bortey added.

Talking about using condoms to avoid unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, Dr Dennis mentioned that people not knowing the right technique may lead to sexually transmitted infections.

“Condoms are good, but compliance rate and accidents that may happen in the use of the condom may be due to people not knowing how to use it. People not knowing the right technique and getting glitches on the way are some things that go against the use of condoms. And this may lead to sexually transmitted infections.”

By Gladys Cudjoe||Ghana

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