Discovering new versions of myself each and every day – DJ Switch

Discovering new versions of myself each and every day - DJ Switch
DJ Switch

The youngest recipient of Ghana’s annual DJ award at the age of 10, Erica Armah-Bra Bulu Tandoh, is making great strides in changing the gender and creativity narrative globally with her foundation, the DJ Switch Foundation.

Speaking with Instagram, DJ Switch talked about her passion and how she sources the motivation to keep exploring her creativity from the difference she makes in people’s lives.

She said, “I’m a person who uses music to connect with people’s souls. My attitude and style of DJing either make you smile or laugh and basically switches up your mood. My goal is always to pump up the room and people.” ⁣

The DJ Switch Foundation is an organization that supports quality education, health care, gender equality and sustainable development in communities.

“The foundation focuses on encouraging quality education, teaching health and well-being, and supporting gender equality globally,” she explains. “I have had the opportunity to become an inspiration to my community, the young people in the world and especially young girls. It means a lot to me to enable other people my age and from places like Ghana to pursue their creativity. I am discovering new versions of myself and passions each day.”

After winning the TV3 Talent Kidz competition in 2017, DJ Switch has caught the attention of many, both locally and internationally. Her dedication to her craft has attracted international outlets such as CNN and BBC.

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The multifaceted talented Dj Switch, who doubles as a rapper and poet, hopes to become a gynaecologist to help women around the globe.

Source: Instagram

By Grace Somuah-Annan||Ghana