Disaster prevention: Don't beg when we move into action – Prof. Dodoo warns

Prof. Alex Dodoo[/caption] Prof. Alex Dodoo, Chief Executive Officer of Ghana Standards Authority, has announced that responsible state agencies will take immediate action to ensure citizens do not suffer from any preventable disaster in the future. Speaking to TV3 Saturday night on the deadly explosions at Atomic Junction near Madina in Accra, he described the situation as a “very worrying” one which should not happen again. “The first thing that comes to mind is that this must stop” he said charging those in responsible positions to be up and doing. The need for the country to “review our standards” cannot wait any longer, he pointed out. “Let’s review every statutes that we have to ensure that our people are safe,” Prof. Dodoo who is a scientist declared, noting that he was on his way to the accident scene with other state officials to assess the situation and devise preventive methods to avoid future occurrences. Analyzing the explosions, he saw a “terrifying” moment and assured “we are going to work now to ensure that this does not happen again.” He asked government to take responsibility for what happened, insisting that “it’s about time we ensured that citizens are protected”. He said his outfit is hence going to work closely with stakeholders such as the National Petroleum Authority and local assemblies to close down fuel stations sited near residential areas. “It is our problem and we must fix it,” the Standards Authority boss reminded government not shy away from its responsibility. “Let’s us enforce the laws” he pleaded, “and as we enforce the laws, let no one beg.” Meanwhile, Abu Ramadan, Deputy NADMO Coordinator has told the media his outfit is going to employ a “more aggressive mood” to enforce the laws in this country. He commended the response of the Ghana Fire Service in dousing the fire as “fantastic”. He noted that the presence of the Inspector General of Police, NADMO officials, Interior and National Security Ministers at the site of explosion shows that the “president is worried about the situation”. But Kofi Kapito head of Consumer Protection Agency is urging Ghanaians to “start suing” state officials to keep those in authority on their toes.

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