Did US Embassy lie about ECG billing? Jantuah picks them on

Robert Jackson, US Ambassador to Ghana

Vice chairman of the Public Interest and Accountability Committee, Kwame Jantuah has unequivocally suggested that claims by the US Embassy in Ghana that the Electricity Company of Ghana has not billed their facilities for years are false.

He said he has evidence to show that since 2015 the ECG has been billing the over 160 facilities of the Embassy with the latest being in March, 2017.

He also claimed information available to him confirms that the Embassy has even made some payment to the service provider within the past two years. however  is unable to independently verify his claims which he read from his mobile phone.

“What is the America Embassy trying to achieve…trying to paint ECG so black?” he queried the US Embassy on Saturday’s edition of TV3’s flagship programme New Day.

Following comments by Energy Minister, Boakye Agyarko about the balance sheet of ECG reading negative in an interaction with journalists and officials of Millennium Development Authority, the Embassy tweeted to suggest the inefficiency of the ECG.

The series of tweets claimed the mission has been pursuing the power distributor for two years to bill the Embassy’s facility to enable them make “correct payment”.

But Mr. Kwame Jantuah who is also a leading member of the Convention People’s Party said in one of the correspondences between the ECG and the Embassy, the later was informed that it is indebted to the tune of over GHC29,000.

“ECG is saying they have sent the bill and they [Embassy] have settled part,” he asserted, “at every given time they are told how much they owed.”

He indicated that the Embassy was trying to hammer on the so-called inefficiency of ECG to make a strong case for the US-backed contract to privatize the management of ECG under the Millennium Challenge Account Compact II.

“So far as I can see, the Americans have a different mindset to these things,” he maintained.

Meanwhile, the ECG has been asked to publish bills it sent to the Embassy to cure any mischief.

Story by Isaac Essel ||Ghana

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