Dept. AG sues banker for libel on Ameri deal

Deputy Attorney General, Domini Ayine, is seeking damages against an investment banker for making libellous statement against him on the controversial AMERI power plant deal.

According to the AG, his reputation and the niche carved for himself as fine lawyer and politician for the past years has been soiled by the defamatory statement published by the banker, Evron R. Huges, against him.

Mr. Huges is said to have on December 21, 2015 posted on his Facebook page:  “I aver that I have reasons to believe that the AMERI deal was ‘cooked’ with the ingredients of deceit and theft with the primary intention to defraud the state…”

“It is my assertion that the initiation, structuring, and execution of the deal were calculated to give effect to a fraudulent conspiracy involving hundreds of millions of dollars. Simply put, it is my assertion that some people decided to steal from the Republic and created the AMERIdeal as the turbine to power this grand theft. They sat down (or stood somewhere), discussed their intent to steal, planned how to steal it, and put it into effect.”

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Mr. Ayine claimed Mr. Hughes posted further that he [Ayine] was “involved in the deal” and that the Dept. AG advised and okayed the deal which Mr Hughes referred to also as the AMERIdeal, AMERIgate, and/or AMERIfraud.

These comments, Mr. Ayine, argued in a defamatory suit filed Wednesday, were written with the intent of projecting him as a corrupt, perverted person with criminal mind.

He said in the suit the comments “are false and were published with the sole object of creating public disaffection” and exposes him “to public ridicule, contempt and odium”.

He is thus seeking an order to compel Mr Hughes to retract and an apology with the same prominence as the defamatory words in the Facebook posts, and an injunction to restrain him, his agents and servants from permitting and/or cause to be published the same or similar words defamatory statements.

source: By Stephen Kwabena Effah



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