Depression can cause infertility in women – Dr Gordon Attoh

Depression can cause infertility in women - Dr Gordon Attoh
Depression cause of infertility in women

Generally, mature females are expected to produce babies after one year of regular intercourse with their partners without contraceptives. But, if, unfortunately, one cannot conceive within this period, they may be suffering from infertility.

Infertility is defined as the inability to become pregnant after one year of unprotected sex for women under age 35. There are many alarming causes of infertility in women. These include fibroid, ovulation disorder, pelvic inflammation, unprescribed intake of some drugs and age (biological clock).

Dr Gordon Attoh, a gynaecologist, revealed that depression may lead to infertility in women on The Day Show with Berla Mundi.
He reasoned that this is because the normal functioning of the human system may change due to one’s state of mind (Depression).

Dr Gordon Attoh said, “Women are complex. Some infertility starts from the brain. If the brain is not functioning well, it will affect the menstrual cycle, once the menstrual cycle is affected, it will also affect your ovulation which is egg production, and it goes on and on like that. Basically, we take them through some form of counselling because some of them, right from the onset, their psychological make-up is not the best. They’ve gone through, and they have endured so much. And quite a number of them are depressed and may need counselling. If not, it may be a key factor in infertility. I mean they will find it difficult to conceive.”

According to the conversation with the doctor, counselling is the first step to curing infertility in a depressed woman who has tried all-natural means.

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By Lordina Nayeram Bessie||Ghana