Dep. CEO of Northern Dev’t Authority, Nat’ Security officials under criminal investigations

Some National Security officials and a deputy chief executive officer of the Northern Development Authority are being sought for by the police as part of investigations into how 400 tricycles belonging to the state were allegedly stolen.

Investigators at the Northern Regional Police CID have written to the Authority to release a deputy minister whose name was mentioned in a statement given by Dr Alhaji Abdel-Majeed Haroun who was sacked as the chief executive of the Authority.

President Nana Akufo-Addo on December 12, 2019 revoked the appointment of Dr Haroun on the back of the missing tricycles.

He was later invited by the Police to give a statement in the case.

According to the Northern Regional Police CID, Dr Haroun in his statement mentioned some persons in connection with the case.

These persons, made up of a deputy CEO of the Authority whose name was not mentioned, one Samba and some national security officials, according to the Police, are of interest to the criminal investigations into the case.

The Police CID has thus requested the Authority to release them for further investigations.

“Your cooperation is highly expected,” a letter signed by Superintendent K Otuo Acheampong to the Authority concluded.


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