Deleted NHIS names have 10 days to re-register – Electoral Commission

Voters registration
Persons whose names have been deleted from Ghana’s Voters register because they registered with the National Health Insurance cards, have just 10 days to re-register or would be disenfranchised in the 2016 elections.
According to the Electoral Commission (EC), the affected persons have between Monday July 18 to Thursday July 28, 2016 to re-register with any other valid document e.g. passport, drivers license or a national ID card or better still bring two persons who have already registered and living in the same area, to serve as witnesses.
This was revealed by the Commission at a news conference on Wednesday July 13 where it also outlined plans to ensure that Ghana has a credible voter register before the polls later in the year.
The Director of Electoral Services at the Commission, Samuel Tettey, addressing the media said over 56,000 names of persons who registered with NHIS cards have been deleted following the May 5 order by the Supreme Court.
Major Changes in EC exhibition exercise

  1. Mr. Tettey said the exhibition of the voters register has been extended from the usual two weeks to 21 days and would be held from Monday July 18 to Sunday August 7, 2016. This is to ensure that there is ample time for persons to check the correct spelling of their names, pictures etc and also to know where their voting centers are.
  2. Biometric Verification Devices would be used to verify the persons who would be coming to the various polling centers to check for the names.
  3. Persons who registered with NHIS cards but could not be deleted in the earlier deletion would be deleted at the various polling centers but given the chance to re-register.

The commission further added that names of persons who were deleted would be published in the national dailies and also on the EC’s website.
The names would also be printed and pasted on notices at the various district offices for affected persons to know and take immediate step of re-registering.
The EC has called on all and sundry to help with names of person who registered with the NHIS card to delete and aid the commission in compiling a credible register for the 2016 polls.
By Martin Asiedu-Dartey|3news.com|Ghana
Twitter: @3newsgh

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