Dedicate your childlessness to God – Uncle Ebo Whyte

Love yourself first before going into a relationship – Uncle Ebo Whyte
Uncle Ebo Whyte

Uncle Ebo Whyte shared a piece of himself along with some advice. He urged all to commit their problems to God, and they will find fulfilment.

In a Facebook post, the seasoned scriptwriter shared how the search for a child put a strain on his wife. He recounted how every visit to the hospital took a toll on her. Eventually, he had an honest conversation with her, which was the beginning of a much happier and fulfilled life.

“It’s no news that my wife and I have no biological children of our own. But I can tell you that we have many children across various continents!

“After a visit to a specialist, back in the days when we were still striving to get pregnant, I looked at my wife and noticed the toll it was taking her. I sat her down and told her, “the doctors say we are fine; we have counselled and prayed for other couples, and they have gotten pregnant.’ I told her, ‘let’s dedicate our childlessness to God”.

According to Uncle Ebo, they have not regretted their decision. Despite not having biological children of their own, they have parented 100’s of children who loo,k up to them as parents.

“And God hasn’t disappointed us all these years! We now have people adopting us as parents. A number of children we couldn’t have produced on our own!

“Whatever you dedicate to God, he will use it! Are you single, dedicate it to God; Are you Childless, dedicate it to God!”

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By Grace Somuah-Annan||Ghana