Declared election results by EC true reflection of voting – PNC

The leadership of the People’s National Convention (PNC) has stated that the results declared by the Electoral Commission (EC) on Sunday were a true reflection of the outcome of the December 7 and 8 polls.

The party says the figures their agents collated tallied with those from the EC.

Speaking to journalists in Accra on Thursday, December 13, 2012, Emmanuel Wilson, National Organiser of PNC, remarked that the party set up structures for collation of their own results from polling stations, constituencies to the national collation centers.

He added that the party also had representatives in the EC’s Operation/Strong Room for the purpose of comparing collated figures.

“The figures that the PNC had are not so much different from the figures that were mentioned by the EC,” he said.

“Per our results, it is clear that the PNC did not win the presidential elections.”

He mentioned the figures the PNC collated:

National Democratic Congress (NDC)                  – 50.63%

Great Consolidated Popular Party (GCPP)            – 0.04%

New Patriotic Party (NPP)                                – 47.71%

Progressive People’s Party (PPP)                       – 0.59%

United Front Party (UFP)                                  – 0.09%

People’s National Convention (PNC)                   – 0.23%

Convention People’s Party (CPP)                       – 0.19%

Independent Candidate                                   – 0.16%.

The PNC called on the NPP and others, who have legitimate concerns with the EC’s results, to use constitutionally prescribed channels to seek redress.


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