Day 3: Protesters’ attempt to use alternative route to Jubilee House blocked

The demonstration cited by GAF was dubbed #OccupyJulorbiHouse Protest

protesters on Saturday, September 23 converged to continue their charge to the as planned.

Wielding placards like on Day 2, the protesters marched towards the seat of government until they were stopped by a police barricade at the 37 .

Unlike Friday, September 22, the protesters decided to make their way to the Jubilee House via an alternative route.

“There are are ways of getting to the Julorbi House,” convenor told ‘s Eric Mawuena Egbeta as the procession appeared retreating.

But they grew wild as the police attempted to barricade and box them in front of the 37 Military Hospital.

In a charged atmosphere, the protesters scaled over the barricade to continue their move only to make a U-turn to the Jubilee House.

More soon. . .


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