Dating rumours: Cina Soul tells it all in new song, ‘Waiting’

Dating rumours: Cina Soul tells it all in new song, 'Waiting'
KiDi and Cina Soul

Ghanaian singer-songwriter and recording artist, Christie Quincyna Quarcoopome has explained why she used Kidi’s name in her new song on 3FM Drive with Giovani Caleb. 

The songstress in her new song, ‘Waiting’, explained that she used the line, “you figa KiDi wey been dey knack me, right?” because she wants to clear the air on the rumours that claim that she and Kidi are in a relationship.

She said: “I feel like it is about time because I get asked a lot. I have been seeing it so many times, and I am like, you know what, I am tired of seeing it, so let me put it in a song so that when you hear it in the song, you will let it go.”

The ‘Ojorley’ hitmaker also revealed the inspiration behind her new song. She explained that the song talks about lovers longing to spend time together or waiting for something to happen for a very long time.

“Waiting, I mean, the inspiration I got from it is pretty much waiting for a lover. You know I have been waiting to do this with you, to have my time with you.

“At the same time, you can spin it so many ways. Like, waiting for something that you have prayed about it, and you finally get it. That joy. That is why the chorus had to be like a choral. Like a response because you have been waiting. I want it to relate to everyone. Everything you have waiting for patiently; will come to pass.”

‘Waiting’, Cina Soul’s new song featuring Camidoh, is available on all music streaming platforms.


By: Kelvin Okai-Twum||Ghana

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