Date Rush: What’ll you do if you catch your girlfriend and your bestie in bed?

For many, it came as a surprise how such a tricky and dicey question popped up on TV3 date-matching reality show, Date Rush, when Babs, a bachelor, came pitching for a date with one of 10 paneled beautiful ladies. “What will you do if you walk in on your girlfriend and your friend in bed”, Gifty quizzed Babs on the February 1 episode of Date Rush. Intriguing right? But that was somewhat a hurdle deliberately put in Babs’ way by an admirer (Gifty) to get him prove his worth for that all-expenses-paid date courtesy Rush Energy Drink once a date is successfully fixed. Although several dates have been fixed and the testimonies so far on the show have been phenomenal, none of the bachelors has had such a question come his way.

At the sound of the question, Babs must have been torn between being candid and being strategic in order to woo the ladies for a date, but how could he be sure what single response could please that one girl he had his eyes on? Perhaps, try putting yourself in Babs’ shoes and you can imagine how troubling such a question could be, especially when you know your answer will be evaluated by different minds. However, it did not seem too much of a challenge to Babs considering how straightforward he was with his response. In fact, he did not have to waste too much time thinking about it or whining with his response. He kept it simple and short, in a manner you’ll find amazing in the video below:
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Date Rush shows every Friday on TV3 at 8:00pm. Do make time and share with us what you personally would do if you find yourself under the same circumstances. By P.D Wedam||Ghana ]]>