DATE RUSH: What do ladies consider when starting a relationship?

TV3’s match making game show, Date Rush continues with its exciting plot as 10 ladies battle it out for an eligible bachelor for a date. For most of the ladies on the show, it comes down to preference, a convincing story or physical looks. These ladies give varied reasons for rejecting or accepting to go on a date with a bachelor. Last Friday’s show saw the rejection axe landing on Derrick who appeared on the show with high hopes of walking away with one of the ten ladies. Most often than not, people turn down relationship proposals without giving a clear reason. But on Date Rush, the ladies go all out to give their reasons without fear. On the first round, Derick had 8 ladies keeping their rushes on, indicating they liked him at least. With his confidence up the roof with the 8 ladies showing interest, he had no idea what was coming for him when the number of rushes kept reducing by the minute. Even all those who said nice things about him at the beginning turned their back on him. One thing we can conclude on is that even though a lady might give you flattering reasons for wanting to go on a date with you, that reason is in limbo and can change at any time. With reasons such as he is not good looking enough, he looks boring, amongst other things, Derrick eventually walked out of the show with no date. Asked why they rejected him, the ladies had a lot to say. “He is not my type, [though he is a fine guy, a footballer, and freelance journalist with Voice of America-VOA-]”. “He is fashionable and he loves African print. But I want to see more of him,” Kuukua said.

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By Paul Selorm Agbo| | Ghana]]>