Date Rush: Tables turn as guys get the chance to choose a date

Episode 11 of this season’s Date Rush saw a twist last Friday when the tables turned in favour of the men making room for them to choose a date. The show has always had 10 ladies making the choice of going on a date with a guy who appears on the show, but Friday’s show was different. For the first time,10 gentlemen had the ‘honour’ of meeting and watching the profile of a lady and deciding whether or not they wanted her for a date. The first lady, Augustina appeared on stage all feisty and courageous, ready to wow all 10 gentlemen. Fortunately or unfortunately for Belo, 9 out of the 10 gentlemen turned their rushes off for her, indicating they were not interested in going on a date with her. Most of them described her as too loud and outgoing for their liking. But for Jay, Augustina Belo is exactly the kind of woman he likes, a go-getter, bold and passion driven woman. “I said I look for things that could add value, I am a go-getter so anybody who is entrepreneurial has me, ” Jay said after settling to go on a date with Belo. [caption id="attachment_138711" align="aligncenter" width="845"] Jay and Belo[/caption] The second lady who appeared on the show had three men at  her ‘mercy’ after they kept their rushes on for her, indicating they were interested in going on a date with her. Alice then had to make the tough decision of choosing one of the three gentlemen for her date. She finally settled on Cyrus after she posed a question to the guys asking why she should choose them. [caption id="attachment_138717" align="aligncenter" width="808"] Cyrus and Alice[/caption] Cyrus seemed to have impressed her the most with his response. He said the decision of who she prefers lies solely with her, and this made her choose him to be her date. Date Rush airs at 9:00pm every Friday on TV3.

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