Date Rush Season 8 to start airing from Dec 25!

Date Rush Season 8 to start airing on Dec 25!
Date Rush Mega Reunion

TV3 has the ultimate Christmas gift for viewers as they set to show the first episode of the new season of Date Rush on Sunday, December 25.

During its premiere yesterday, Mr Francis Doku, GM 3Group, revealed the exciting packages reserved for another season of finding love.

“Everybody knows that Date Rush has become the biggest show on television over the last few years. Every Sunday, when it’s in season, we come your way with the best entertaining entertainment and exciting programming.

“As you all know, each year, we start Date Rush in January, but this year we decided to start in December. We wanted to give you a Christmas gift before we go into the New Year.”

He added that there will be another episode on New Year’s day in 2023 and then every Sunday until the curtains close at the end of June.

Date Rush is Ghana’s finest match-making reality unscripted show. This season carries a new element, the Fante Flavour, resulting from its first-ever audition in Takoradi.

APL, producers of Date Rush, are committed to bringing viewers the rawest dating pool, so candidates are thoroughly vetted and investigated to confirm their relationship status.

You cannot miss this season of the Date Rush Show. Catch all the fun on Christmas day, New Year’s day and every other Sunday at 8 pm.


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