Date Rush: My ex was over demanding; I couldn’t keep up – Jerry

Date Rush: My ex was over demanding; I couldn’t keep up – Jerry
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Jerry swept Jacqueline off her feet, but not before he shared with the Date Rush audience why the office of his girlfriend was evacuated. And for him, a woman who takes and takes until there is nothing left is a huge red flag.

TV3’s Date Rush Season 6 Episode 3 revealed that most men are very fastidious about their spending activities. And Jerry shared his experience in a bid to find a date. He talked about how his former girlfriend had no intention to join him on his path to success.

“In my past relationship, I realized my lady was overdemanding. You know, I am now trying to build myself. Build my business and make more in life. But she was overly demanding, and because of that, I realized that the kind of path I want to take, she can’t toe the same path with me. So we just have to call it off.”

Jerry further explained his position by saying, “When you are with someone, you need to have one direction. I told you this is what I want to do or what I am doing, so I expect you to support whatever I am doing. Everything I did, I was so open with her. We talked about everything, every money that I make … Maybe we have this money we need to channel in this direction, but she wants to do something else, all the time. So I realized that she is not supporting the direction I am going.”

But the night ended on a good note when he found a perfect match in Jacqueline. Because on Date Rush, everyone deserves love!

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By Grace Somuah-Annan||Ghana