Date Rush: Match made from heaven for Gold & Joey?

There are certain events in life that make you believe that there is a hidden hand behind every choice you make to fall in love with someone.

Call it fate, call it cupid, but the force between two people who are in sync is obvious to everyone.

A Yiddish proverb says, “there are three things you can’t hide: old age, pregnancy and love.

That was the romantic story that characterized the Sixth  episode of season 2 of TV3’s match-making show -Date Rush.

Date Rush is a show that allows eligible bachelors put themselves up to be chosen or rejected by a panel of 10 beautiful ladies

Ironically, a successful bachelor would be the one to select one of the available ladies. The would-be couple will land an all expenses paid date. The lovers would then be given the unique opportunity to share their experiences with viewers in subsequent episodes.

Even before the matching game started, Joey knew he wanted Gold so badly and Gold was just waiting to have that which she already wishes to have.

Joey whispered his preference (Gold) to the host, Nii Kpakpo. In a heart-breaking dramatic show, all 9 ladies turned off their “rushes” except… wait for it… Gold.

A true girl will stay with you all through; even though all the other ladies turn off their “rushes”, the only light in that dark was still Gold who knew deep down that this was her man and nothing will falter her deep desire.

How did it all pan out for them?

Watch here:

By Paul Selorm Agbo

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