Danger! Squatters turn python-infested area at Tetegu under-bridge to abode

The space is meant to control an overspill of the dam[/caption] Squatters have turned the base of the bridge on the Densu River at Tetegu on the Mallam-Kasoa Highway into their place of abode. The bridge is what connects drivers to and from Kasoa and Accra. Concerned residents say the space under the bridge is big and that is why squatters turned it into their place of abode. There are mattresses, bed, mosquito nets, cooking utensils, tables, chairs and other items there. They sleep there and do all sort of things under the bridge, 3news.com learnt. A concerned resident, Samuel Siaw Ampadu, who has been observing these squatters while at the scene, told Onua FM that the squatters are exposing themselves to danger as there are pythons under the bridge due to the waterlogged area. He also said when it rains heavily or if the Weija Dam is opened, they may be washed away since that space was meant for the dam. [caption id="attachment_51096" align="alignnone" width="569"] The river is said to be infested by pythons[/caption] Mr. Siaw Ampadu explained that the squatters have been living under the bridge for long and so already they feel comfortable living there. The Public Relations Officer for the Ga South Municipal Assembly when contacted said the Assembly’s task force will move in to eject the squatters on Wednesday. By Kweku Antwi-Otoo|Onua 95.1FM|3news.com|Ghana ]]>

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