Dancing is a way of dealing with my grief – Atsu’s partner responds to critics


Marie Claire-Rupio, the partner of the late Ghanaian footballer Christian Atsu, has spoken out in response to critics of a dance video she shared on social media.

In her statement, she explained that dancing is her way of coping with the grief she is experiencing following Atsu’s shock passing.

The German-born Claire-Rupio, who is a dancer and writer, posted a video of herself dancing to the popular song “Unavailable” by Davido. However, instead of receiving support or empathy, the comments under the video were filled with criticism.

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In a message shared on her Instagram story, Claire-Rupio addressed the backlash she received. She wrote, “I am writing just to say a few things, yes I posted a dance video. Not because I am happy, but because I have to find a way to deal with my grief. I am not alone; I have 3 children to take care of by myself. I can’t lose myself because I need to be strong for them. And in Europe, you deal with mental health in a lot of ways, and dancing was always my passion. So, excuse me, but please just think before you write something or put it on YouTube. Thank you.”

She further shared the challenges she faces in her everyday life, stating, “We are missing Christian every single day, and it hasn’t been easy. Especially when you have three children who are asking every day for their dad! I am doing my best.”

The former Ghana winger died in the devastating Turkey earthquake in February.


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