Dagomba residents ‘forced’ to construct road with hand tools

Community members of Dagomba, a village in the Sekyere Afram Plains District of the Ashanti Region,  after waiting long enough for government with no hope in sight, have taken a bold initiative to construct their 1-kilometer road linking the community to the main Kumawu-Drobonso road in the Sekyere Afram Plains district.

The residents claim years of neglect by successive governments have left them with no alternative than to start the project manually.

TV3’s Ashanti Regional CorrespondentIbrahim Abubakar, reports the village, whose inhabitants are farmers is one of the deprived communities in the Sekyere Afram Plains District.

The community, which is also one of the hub of charcoal production in the district lacks basic amenities such as electricity, health post, potable water, school infrastructure among other things. 

Residents of the community say they are fed up with political promises after years of neglect.

They have thus decided to come together to make the road linking their community to the main Kumawu-Drobonso road motorable.

When the news team visited the community, both the men and women, young and old were busily working towards improving the road. Interestingly, they had upgraded a portion of the road using just hoes, cutlasses, rake and pickaxe.

The men were busy trying to uproot a giant tree to pave way for the project whilst some of the women were creating culverts along the road to make way for water to flow.

Others too were digging sand to fill and level the road.

A resident, Mariama Issah, told TV3 the deplorable nature of their road makes it difficult for them to cart their goods to market centres.

She said they have had to cope with post-harvest losses every year as a result of the bad state of the road.

She lamented the road also poses a threat to safe delivery for women in labour.

Another resident, Yaw Oduro, again appealed to government to assist them complete the road project and also provide them with basic amenities.

By: Ibrahim Abubakar/3news.com/Ghana

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