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Cyber security a real threat to Ghanaians – IT gurus

Cyber security was the focus of the maiden Tech Fest organised by the Media General Group on Thursday, April 25.

It has become particularly relevant at a time when people are experiencing real life consequence to their activities in the virtual internet space.

In 2018, for instance, a group of hackers called ‘Mafia Boyz’ hacked the website of the Ghana Stock Exchange (GSE) to display obscene information, thereby denying investors the relevant stock price information for some time.

Media General thus felt the need to start a necessary discussion on Ghana’s role in ensuring data security in the cyber space.

Cyber security expert Victor Gordon Nyamadi highlighted the operational paradox facing the regulators, telecommunication operators and the needs of the end-user.

According to him, the challenge weighs heavily on the government’s natural need for control and surveillance over the client’s need for data protection.

“The operator is interested in securing you as an individual, but the challenge is, if that encryption or protection mechanism is put in place, you are denying service. In other words, you will not be able to link up. Your phone will not be able to attach to the servers to enable you do what you want to do,” he said.

“How do we strike the balance? What we should do is that as stakeholders, we must all come together again and look at this. Is security our top priority? If yes, can we deny all together people access to the service?” he asked.

[L-R] Pratap Jantua and Victor Gordon Nyamadi
Ethical hacker and network consulting engineer Pratap Jantua acknowledged that the public is at the mercy of malicious individuals as well as big conglomerates who are collecting data about users in order to profile them for advertising and other purposes.

As part of his presentation, he demonstrated with ease how vulnerable the unsuspecting end user is in the cyber world of black hat hackers.

According to him, the user can still protect themselves if they have knowledge in cyber security.

By Paul Selorm Agbo||Ghana

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