Criminalize all traditional myths that work against women – Chamber of Agribusiness

The CEO of the Chamber of Agribusiness Ghana, Anthony Morrison is calling on government to make all traditional myths about women a criminal offense to promote women empowerment.

According to Anthony Morrison, traditional myths discourage women and also do not promote women development.

He noted that in some Ghanaian societies the chiefs sit on certain cases and in the process make the women look as not important whiles again some societies encourage males to go to school whiles the women are relegated to the kitchen.

Contributing to a discussion on the topic: ‘Women participation in the agriculture value chain’ organized by 3FM and Mastercard Foundation Mr. Morrison said, “Why is that only few women are encouraged to take leadership positions. We should make laws in parliament and engage the women caucus. Re introduce a National Women Policy. Maybe in the work places we start with 50 /50 so 50 percent for men and 50 percent for women, when we do this the kind of competition we expect to see, we will start seeing them”.

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Anthony Morrison who is also the Chairman of the Ghana Agriculture Sector Skills Council said there should be a deliberate attempt to design more sustainable policy to go into agriculture where men are domineering.

He cited a project in Kenya that one-of their members was involved in. According to him, they were given equal money but the women came on top than men with 70 percent production capacity.

“We need to look at skills. We need to find a more defining way of getting this done”.

By Richard Bright Addo||Ghana



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