Creo to unveil new Ghanaba characters, cartoon series

The creative team that spearheaded the ‘Ghanaba’ initiative, which saw most Ghanaians identifying with their local day-born names and mascots, is set to announce the next series dubbed ‘Ghanaba 2.0’.

“Ghanaba is being revamped for a more enhanced and consumer aimed update,” a statement issued by Creo Tuesday said.

The initiative, started in 2016 and had a significant local and global impact, was put on hold for the initiators to take feedback from patrons, fans, customers and the general public on how to make the franchise better than before.

Ghanaba 2.0 will see the franchise more streamlined to please who matters the most, ‘you’ the people!

It will feature an amazing redesigned cast of your favorite day-born in various media forms, multiple themed illustrations and animations as well as requested interactive platforms for our consumers.

The launch will be tied into an all new animated TV series scheduled to launch in 2020 with a brand-new teaser trailer going live just in time for the Christmas.

“Due to feedback received, this time, there will be much more representation of our people and diversity in culture,” the statement said.

It added “There are several exciting boutique events that are coming close to major spots around you with an all new reinvented merchandise stock of all your favorite day-borns”.


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