#cratechallenge: Woman nearly dies attempting TikTok challenge

The new social media challenge has left a woman near death after she fell from trying the #cratechallenge

Police have confirmed that the Dallas woman who fell from the stack of crates whiles doing the TikTok challenge is not dead (thankfully) but severely injured. However, at this time, her exact condition is not known.

The woman, who tried to climb over eight stacks of milk crates in the parking lot of a gas station, fell onto the hard concrete. She is believed to have hit her head after falling onto the pavement from such a great height.

The #cratechallenge is the trend where people stack up towers of milk crates like a staircase and attempt to walk over them.
Milk crates are polythene (a thin plastic) interlocking boxes usually used to transport milk from dairies to retailers. These do not hold much weight, which makes the challenge a very treacherous risk to undertake.

A few Ghanaians have joined the challenge, and most have made it successfully over. Although our advantage is in using a harder plastic beverage crate, please let us not tempt fate. Thread with caution.

By Grace Somuah-Annan|3news.com|Ghana

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