CPP Youth ask NPP and NDC to refrain from ‘monetization of campaign’

The Amasaman Constituency of the Convention People’s Party has asked President John Dramani Mahama, Leader of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), and Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, Leader of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) to call on their parliamentary candidates “to stop monetization of their campaign.”

They said the parliamentary candidates of the two parties have resorted to sharing GH¢50 notes, distributing laptops, cars and are now frantically engaged in the provison of amenities like street lights for constituents.

In a statement signed by Abroni Thomas, CPP Communications of the Amasaman Constituency, the CPP Youth say the NDC and the NPP are “not thinking of self-determination, self-confidence, all-inclusiveness, social Justice for all but for a few following selfish greedy parochial interest just to gain favor and power.”


Find the full statement below:

The Convention People’s Party (CPP) Amasaman Constituency branch wishes to call on the attention of the President of Ghana, John Mahama and leader of the New Patriotic Party, Nana Akuffo Addo to call on their parliamentary candidates to stop monetization of their campaign.

These two Parties have engaged in money sharing (fifty Ghana cedis), distribution of cloths, Laptops, cars, and have now realized the need for the provision of street lights, grading un-motorable roads and distribution of water to the people in some constituencies.

The NPP and NDC are not thinking of self-determination, self-confidence, all-inclusiveness, social Justice for all but for a few following selfish greedy parochial interest just to gain favor and power.

Today, there is an association known as Graduate Unemployment in Ghana and it is much regretful that, these leaders don’t state the need for retrieving sold or abandoned factories to create employment for our youths, rather using the ordinary orange and pure water tax money for campaigning.

We believe that, there is the need to get serious in this country and make sure that people who want the downfall of this country are brought to book. The blame game, reckless political pronouncement and public deceit are too much and someone must rise up to the occasion and put things in order.   

Ghanaians must therefore give power to the CPP to enable us redefine real politics with a bottom-up pressure on Government to rectify public funds mismanagement and also to promote national unity. Ghana needs development and we cannot look unconcern as people dupe the nation and go scot free. Ghanaians continue to suffer; living conditions are bad, no access to portable water yet politicians continue to dash out billions of Ghana cedi’s to some individuals for no work done in the name of judgment debts. This attitude must stop now.

The CPP will address the gross injustices that are born-out from lawlessness, corruption, greed and misplaced sense of entitlement in our society today. The CPP administration will undertake interventions that will transform our society for the sake of the common good. The three pillars of social transformation, sustainable economy and social justice, dubbed the S-cubed, will shape our plans, policies and programmes for good governance of Ghana.

We also argue that the state cannot and must not abscond from its responsibility for directing the growth and development of the economy adding that Ghana’s economy must provide jobs and income for the ordinary men and women on a sustained basis.

The NDC and the NPP cannot claim to have clean hands in the current state of economic malaise; they have both failed the nation and can no longer be entrusted to govern us. Ghana continues to wallow in poverty just because of selfish greedy parochial interest of leaders we have had from these two so called leading political parties.

This is the time for Ghanaians to reject these two parties, the NDC and NPP and chart a new way forward for Ghana and that is the Convention Peoples Party, the Party which believes that Ghanaians and Africans at large can manage their own affairs.

Ghana must work again!


Abroni Thomas

CPP Amasaman Constituency Communication Officer


Source: 3news.com|Ghana

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