CPP gives Ghana Water 2-wk ultimatum to restore supply in A/R

The Youth Wing of the Convention People’s Party (CPP) has given a two-week ultimatum to the Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL) to restore water in parts of the country experiencing shortages else they will defy Covid-19 protocols and demonstrate to register their displeasure.

National Youth Organizer Comrade Osei Kofi Acquah, speaking on Akoma FM‘s morning show GhanAkoma, seemed to have been livid, describing the management of GWCL as incompetent.

“The youth wing of the great CPP together with everyone who has been affected by the water shortage should join the massive protest.”

He further indicated that the CPP is consulting its lawyers so if nothing is done about the water shortage afte the demonstration, he explained, “we will drag the GWCL to the law court to seek redress over their gross incompetence and poor quality services”.

GWCL’s Commercial Manager for Ashanti South Theophilus Collins had earlier revealed that the water shortage is as a result of “inconsistent power supply from ECG to man our plants to pump water to households and industrial areas”.

“So, until the power is stable, residents within Kumasi and its environs will have to brace up for acute water shortage.”

On the back of this, the CPP National Youth Organiser described the comment as unfortunate.

“This makes the management of the nationwide water suppliers incompetent for not considering alternative power supply to man their plants,” he said, adding that “Ghana is blessed with sunshine to convert into solar energy so why must an entity such as GWCL solely rely on ECG for power?”

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Comrade Osei Kofi Acquah reiterated the party’s move to bare its teeth at the GWCL in the demonstration.

“After two weeks when the situation still persists, we will sue them because we pay our water bills for them to give us quality services. Can you believe that for the past 2 weeks my tap has not been flowing, likewise communities within Kumasi. This is embarrassing and bad at the same time.”

By Nana Asenso Mensah|Akoma FM|3news.com|Ghana