CPA barks at telcos for poor service provision

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The Consumer Protection Agency (CPA) has raised concerns about the poor data system and poor call services provided by telecom companies in Ghana.

Poor services by the Telcos in recent times is appauling with the presence of modern technology in Ghana. The presence of these technologies is to make communication improve by now but it is rather getting worse.

There has been several complaints made to the National Communications Authority (NCA) NCA from consumers of Telco service providers such as high cost of data, unsolicited promotions and adverts and poor network.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of CPA Kofi Kapito frets over call congestion, poor internet service, call drop and voice quality discrepancies experience with Telcos.

Speaking at a press conference, he charges the ministry of Communication to ensure that NCA which is the regulator of the Telcos deliver on their mandate.

He believes that the NCA has been redundant over a long period of time and the minister for communication responsible for overseeing the duties discharged by the NCA have also relented on her job.

He added that some service providers in the industry is unable to max-up the spectrum (brandwith) assigned them while other Telcos have maxed up their spectrum and need more to be able to provide quality service to consumers.

He therefore calls on the minister of communication to look at assisting service providers that needs more spectrum and ask the NCA to take action against Telcos on behalf of consumers.

By Leona Ashie Onua tv/