Court shoots down law graduates over Ghana School of Law entrance exam

The Ghana School of Law[/caption] An attempt by some law graduates to stop the General Legal Council from administering entrance examination and interview before admitting qualified students into the Ghana School of Law has failed. The group, who are LLB graduates, had gone to the Human Rights Court in Accra seeking an injunction to stop the examination on Friday, July 14, 2017 but the court on Thursday declined. The Supreme Court on June 22, 2017 declared the entrance exams and the interview as unconstitutional because the requirements were in violation of the LI 1296 that gives direction for the mode of admission. It however gave the General Legal Council six months to implement the orders of the court in the 2018 admissions.  That is, the General Legal Council takes appropriate means to pass the required regulation for whatever admission process they [GLC] intend to use. Notwithstanding the Supreme Court judgement, the Council announced July 14 as the date for prospective candidates to sit for the exam, but dissatisfied by the move, the LLB graduates went to court to place an injunction on the exams. They argued that allowing the Friday’s exam to come on would cause an irreparable damage to them, especially so when the Supreme Court has ruled the said examination constitute an illegality. READ: SC ruling on School of Law will cause more harm than good – SRC However, after listening to arguments from the students and the General Legal Council the court took the view the students failed to demonstrate the said irrepairable damage they would suffer for writing the exams. The court held the graduates failed to show reasonable cause to warrant injunction on the examination.

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