Court adjourns case of cop ‘killing’ of GSTS student

A Takoradi District Magistrate Court has adjourned for the third time the case in which a Police Detective is suspected to have shot to death a final year GSTS student.

Detective-Corporal Shaibu is to reappear before the court on Monday, February 12, 2018.

Prosecutor in charge of the case, Inspector B.P Ahensan, called for more time to enable him complete investigations.

According to him, though a pathology report on the issue is ready, the ballistic report is yet to be completed.

The completed report will also have to be forwarded to the Attorney General’s Office for advice.

But this was countered by the Defense Lawyer, Edmund Acquaah Arhin, who insisted the bail should not be used as a punishment, adding the time for investigations as requested by the prosecutor is taking too long.

He was unhappy about allegations by the family of the deceased that Detective Corporal Shaibu has been given certain privileges as a result of his position.

According to the family, privileges such as access to a phone could interfere with ongoing investigations.

The deceased, Lawrence Baidoo, was among five friends who were on their way to Shama junction for jams on Friday, December 22.

They were shot at at Nyankrom also within Shama district.

Baidoo unfortunately died with two of the friends seriously injured.

The case has attracted a lot of public interest with old students of GSTS rallying around to ensure that justice prevails.

By Shirley Ewurama Smith|| Ghana

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