Council of State perplexed by CDD call for salary justification

The Council of State says the Center for Democratic Development (CDD) Ghana should know better than asking members to justify a monthly GH¢13,000 salary. “Although, the public could plead ignorance of Council’s activities, the CDD, among many others could not comfortably claim same.” According to the Council, “service to mother Ghana, and generations to come has been the motivation rather than the alleged benefits always trumpeted in the media”. In a statement to condemn CDD over its recent call, the Council said its reports since 2002 have been widely circulated to agencies including non-governmental organizations like CDD-Ghana contrary to constitutional provisions of holding meetings in-camera. “It is, therefore perplexing to observe from the publication that a reputable institution such as the CDD could not better analyse such document to know the actual conditions of service of sitting Council Of State members but to follow the wagon of generalization.” CDD-Ghana had called on the 7th Council of State not to commit some “egregious” mistakes past Councils made but to act to justify members’ monthly salaries. “For example, the new Council of State should avoid the mistakes of the immediate past Council that was perceived to have tacitly endorsed egregious presidential decisions, like the pardon granted to the infamous ‘Montie Three’ or the public endorsement of presidential candidates in competitive elections by individual Council members,” CDD-Ghana said in its caution statement. But the Council stated on Tuesday that “adopting the posture of ‘accuse and get a defence’ should not be encouraged as the 7th Council of State aims at ensuring wider consultation in its work which we believe has been the practice with past Councils of State”.

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