Could Beyonce be the Lion King's queen?

She once pretended to be Sasha Fierce – so could pop goddess Beyonce get fierce again as a live-action lioness? It all depends on whether she’ll snap up the voice role of Nala in Disney’s upcoming remake of The Lion King. According to Variety, Queen Bey is The Jungle Book director Jon Favreau’s first choice for the role in his new version of the 1994 classic. Donald Glover has already been cast as lead lion Simba, while James Earl Jones will once again voice his dad Mufasa. Nala, you may recall, is the lioness who befriends Simba as a young cub and who later becomes a key ally in his battle against evil uncle Scar. The film’s being conceived along the same lines as The Jungle Book, with big names voicing photorealistic computer-generated animals. The new version will feature songs from the film original – though if Beyonce is cast, we expect more numbers to be added to take advantage of her pipes. The news has got us brainstorming songs the singer could perform if she accepts the role. Here’s what we’ve come up with:

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  • Can You Feel the Crazy in Love Tonight
  • Halo-kuna Matata
  • Single Ladies (Put a Rrrrrrr-ing on It)
  • I Just Can’t Wait to Bey King
  • Twerk-le of Life
Feel free to chip in with suggestions of your own! Disney, by the way, have yet to confirm whether Beyonce has been approached. The star’s publicist has also yet to respond to queries. Mrs Jay Z, who’s currently expecting twins, previously had a voice role in 2013 animation Epic. Source: BBC]]>


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