Corruption' within Parliament: MPs must not be appointed ministers – Political Scientist

The Head of the Political Science Department of University of Ghana, Dr Bossman Asare, says it is about time the executive body of government was separated from the legislative arm as part of efforts to dispel the perception of corruption on the latter.

There have been allegations of corruption against parliamentarians with the latest coming from former rector of the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA), Professor Stephen Adei.

Speaking on TV3’s Midday Live on Thursday, October 15, Dr Asare said Prof. Adei’s view is reflective of public perception of the legislative.

The Senior Lecturer, therefore, called for a massive transformation programme on the part of Parliament to change public perception about that arm of government.

“Parliament as an institution must undertake reforms which will inure to [its] benefit…and to Ghana as a whole,” he said.

“If people are criticising [parliamentarians], what are the things [they] must do so that the image of Parliament in the eyes of the public is acceptable.”

Dr Asare said one main reason why such perception has festered on is that most Members of Parliament are ministers. Therefore, the public finds it difficult to separate the two as roles are executed by the same person.

Meanwhile, MPs have descended on Prof. Adei over the comments he made.

According to some of them, he has to prove such claims at the Privileges Committee.

“It is unfortunate that somebody of his calibre can make a statement without being able to give specific examples,” said Nkwanta South MP Gershon Gbediame.

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“Because the giver as well as the receiver are all culpable.”

Old Tafo MP Dr Anthony Osei Akoto said: “If he meant what he said I think he needs to be invited to prove his allegations. I don’t think people of his stature should be making such blanket statements because people want to hear it.”