Corruption, incompetent leadership made 2015 challenging- Nduom

Businessman-turned-politician, Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom, says increasing corruption, incompetent leadership, unemployment and energy crisis made this year a challenging one for Ghanaians.

In a Facebook post, the founder of the Progressive People’s Party catalogued a number of things that he said, characterized the year and thus made it life difficult for most Ghanaians.

He said notwithstanding the fact that the country is endowed with enterprising people, fertile land and minerals, the people continue to suffer.

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Ghana Will Rise!

I am a believer. I believe in Ghana and the Ghanaian people. We are an enterprising and resilient people. Our land has been well endowed by our Creator. The land is fertile. The land is rich with valuable minerals. We have people with brilliant minds.

And yes, 2015 has been a painfully challenging one for all of us. Dumsor, unemployment, rising and potentially crippling national debt, arrears due to contractors who have done jobs for government and above all, embarrassing and visible signs of increasing corruption, bribery and waste of public funds all combined have brought suffering to our people.

Incompetence in leadership circles, putting people in wrong positions and turning every difficult situation into political football is killing enterprise, creativity and patriotism.

But I can sense an awakening. Our people are beginning to realize that there are consequences for every vote they cast. They know now that talking and talking is different from doing, doing. Many are saying, we deserve something better than this. And they are right.

I am encouraged by the young people, their optimistic outlook and determination to make it in Ghana. They need help and some of us will be there for them. I like their spirit.

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In 2016, something good will happen. It is why I wish for all Ghanaians good health, happiness, an undying positive spirit and prosperity.

Ghana Will Rise!