Corruption among police decline but. . .

More than half of Ghanaians say the level of corruption in the country has risen in the past year.

About 53 per cent of Ghanaians hold that perception.

This is a 14 percentage-point increase compared to 2017.

This was contained in a new Afrobarometer report on perceived corruption in the country.

Compared to 2017, there has been a 27 percentage-point decline in the approval rating of government performance in fighting corruption.

This means 40 per cent of Ghanaians believe government is fighting corruption from 57 percentage-point in 2017 to 40 percentage-point in 2019.

The police is still considered as the institution that the largest number of citizens report they bribe to access services.

However, perceived corruption among the police has declined by 5 percent.

According to the report, Ghanaians consider infrastructure, unemployment, education, and health as the first five most important problems in 2019.

Ghanaians believe crime and security, electricity, corruption, agriculture and water supply are the least important problems facing the country.

Trends in institutional trust show that the Ghana Armed Forces is the most trusted institution, followed by the Presidency, religious leaders, the New Patriotic Party (NPP), traditional leaders and the Electoral Commission.

On the least trusted institutions, tax officials are at the top, followed by assembly members, Municipal Metropolitan and District Chief Executives (MMDCEs), opposition political parties and Parliament.

By Godfred Tanam||Ghana


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