Cookie Tee takes on Brand New Season on TV3’s Today’s Woman

In a world where women’s efforts often go unnoticed and disregarded, Today’s Woman is positioned to showcase those women who stand tall, break barriers and make their mark in their chosen fields and in their homes.

Award-winning Television host, Cookie Tee has taken up the mantle of hosting, empowering and celebrating women while highlighting how they are making a difference in their communities, their country, and the world.

During this season of Today’s Woman, Cookie Tee will feature a wide range of women from diverse backgrounds and fields. Each episode would highlight their inspiring stories of success despite the odds, times when they stood alone, and moments when they needed support. Each of them has faced challenges, obstacles and overcome them with determination, courage, and resilience.

Catch Today’s Woman with Cookie Tee, as she features guest interviews, conversations with mentors and experts in various fields, and engaging discussions on topics that are relevant to women. From discussions on finance, mental health, leadership, and many more, the show aims to entertain viewers while providing insights and expertise to help them become empowered leaders.

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The heart of Today’s Woman rests in the compelling stories of women. With an array of guests from all areas, including business owners, athletes, scientists, politicians, artists, and spiritual leaders.

Showing every Saturday at 3pm on TV3, Today’s Woman is an inspiring and empowering show that every woman, man and person who believes in the power of women should watch. Tune in and be inspired by women who are breaking through barriers, making history, and changing the world one story at a time.


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