Controversial lawyer Ampaw escapes death

Controversial legal practitioner, Dr Maurice Ampaw, narrowly escaped death Monday afternoon when his car was involved in an accident around Bechem, which he described as serious.

Dr Ampaw who was traveling from Kumasi to Sunyani reportedly had his car summersaulting eight times when he tried to avoid colliding with another car he said overtook and crossed his Toyota Forerunner four-wheeled vehicle.


Confirming the accident to TV3 Online an hour after the accident, he said for 30 minutes, he was trapped in the car that landed in a valley at a village, Abrewase, near Bechem.

According to him, just when he managed to break out of the car, some locals arrived at the scene to take him to the Bechem Hospital where he was examined of bruises around his left elbow before being discharged.

He said the doctors, who drove him to the accident scene after the examination, were shocked that he survived due to the nature of the accident. The accident happened between 2:30pm and 3:00pm


Narrating how it happened, Dr Ampaw said “there was a car trailing me” and upon reaching the spot the incident occurred, “that car overtook me and crossed me and in order to avoid crashing that car I veered off the road into a valley and summersaulted for about eight times”.

“I was stuck there for about 30 minutes and couldn’t come out because the car was locked,” he said, adding that he suddenly heard a girl scream for help and just when people arrived he had come out of the car.

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“I don’t want to read meanings into this. I’m so happy I have a God who has rescued me. I’m happy. I’m excited. I’m resting in my hotel.

Asked whether he saw the car that crossed him, he replied negatively except to say it was a red Toyota car, adding “I couldn’t see anything before I realised I was down there.”

By Stephen Kwabena Effah|

Twitter @steviekgh