Controversial AMERI deal: Heads must roll – Dr. Nduom

Businessman-turned-politician, Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom,  is calling for heads to roll in the AMERI power plant deal which is now mired in an alleged corruption scandal.

“So after checks and counter checks, it is true that Ghana’s Minister of Power, Dr. Kwabena Donkor signed deal with Ameri Group worth a reported 510 million dollars to lease a power plant,” he said.

A Norwegian newspaper publication claimed that the government of Ghana paid an inflated amount of 510 million dollars for the AMERI power plant brought in to augment the country’s energy needs.

The newspaper suggested the amount the Power Minister paid for the plants was inflated by 290 million dollars on grounds that the plant cost 220 million dollars on the market

But the Power Ministry has refuted the claims which it described “as false, misleading and a gross misrepresentation of the facts”.

It pointed out that the governmen has not made any payments to AMERI and will not be making any payments for the cost of the generating plants since the agreement a buuild, own, operate and transfer (BOOT) agreement and not an outright purchase of generating plants.

That notwithstanding, Dr Ndoum who is the founder of the Progressive People’s Party says there are still more questions than answers in the deal which is bringing into the country 250 megawatts of electricity power.

“I am practicing patience, willing to give benefit of the doubt to President John Dramani Mahama and the Power Minister on this deal. We need answers. Quickly. Otherwise, many heads must roll!,” he demanded.

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He has consequently penned five questions which he said the government ought to answer

By Stephen Kwabena Effah|