Consistency is key – Camidoh assures fans ‘Sugarcane’ is just the beginning

Consistency is key – Camidoh assures fans ‘Sugarcane’ is just the beginning

Camidoh has assured his fanbase (Midohgang) and the public of spams of good ‘TikTok’ worthy tunes before and after the remix of Sugarcane featuring King Promise and a mystery artist from Nigeria.

After an explosive ‘Sugarcane’ on the Ghanaian music industry, Camidoh revealed on TV3’s NewDay show about his intentions to become a permanent figure on the global music stage. He appreciated how Ghanaians are promoting his last release, ‘Sugarcane’, which dropped on the market in November last year.

“I think it’s paying off, and it’s just the beginning. We always hear people, like the motivational speakers, always speak about consistency and all of that. But for me, there’s no point in trying to be like another person. Like this is who I am, and this is what I have. And so this is what I give.

“And so I always stick to giving me to the people. And I always believed that it was going to pay off one time. I don’t feel too special because I’ve always delivered the same energy on my music. so it’s like this one is kind of blowing out of the roof. But I feel blessed that you guys are giving me this type of reception.”

Camidoh also spoke about the joyous of reaping benefits after staying consistent and true to himself. He pointed out that he has proven to hold his authenticity despite the numerous mistaken ‘Nigerian-identity’ tag.

“There might be some people having their reservations. But I feel like, generally, everybody loves Camidoh. I do it the Camidoh way. I just put my heart and my soul into it. Because I feel like this is my job. This is my life. So I just put my spirit, everything, in it all the time I am making it. And that’s just my way,” Camidoh concluded.

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By Grace Somuah-Annan||Ghana