Consensus reached to resolve Times impasse amicably

The board of directors, management and workers of the New Times Corporation have agreed to amicably resolve the grievances that led to the locking out of Managing Director Carol Annang on Monday. At a meeting on Friday between the board and management, on one hand, and the workers, represented by the Industrial and Commercial Workers’ Union (ICU), on the other hand, the parties called for the immediate return of normalcy to the state media firm. On Monday, workers demonstrated against management by calling for the head of Ms Annang. They locked their offices as they also protested their working conditions, claiming they are among lowest paid workers in Ghana. Friday’s meeting agreed that due process should be followed to meet the workers’ demands. A communiqué issued after the meeting required that “no worker should be victimized as a result of the industrial action”. ICU was also enjoined to ensure that sanity prevails at the premises of the company. Source:|Ghana ]]>

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