Connect 97.1 FM; 5 impactful years of connecting with the people

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On July 1, 2016, Connect 97.1FM started operations in the Western Region as a media house with the aim of making impact and addressing various problems within the society and finding solutions to them.

Fast forward, 5 years, the success story is all over and the 97.1 FM dial is the people’s choice – one that the people of Western Region rely on for credible information and the medium to channel their problems with the hope of getting solutions.

The media outlet has been able to affect generations from the youth, adults and everybody within it’s geographical location.

With half a decade in existence, Connect FM can boast of major outdoor events that have created opportunities for many including the Connect Community Street Rap Battle which will be happening for the fourth time this year, the Western Trade Fair which brings traders from accross the country to sell and bond and the newly-created Western Best Brains – a Junior High School quiz.

Its programing contents resonate well with the people and provide solution to the numerous problems the people are saddled with.

With the consistency in trumpeting the problems of the people for solution, the station has been given the tittle ‘SOLUTION CENTER’ by the listeners.

“Currently speaking, if you want to do an assessment of the radio landscape in the Western Region, you will see that the content we churn out on our platform, is that which is bringing solutions to people and so we were not surprised when within a space of 5 years, they call us the Solution Center – Solution Center to say that immediately someone has an issue and bring it to Connect FM, they know it is gonna be resolved,” the Regional Manager, Ransford Osei Asare said on Newday on Thursday July 1.

Connect 97.1 FM’s slogan ‘Y3nnye wo nam’ to wit ‘In tune with you’ has been the backbone of the station and all its dealings from events to programs.

Anytime you find yourself in the Western Region, Western North Region, Central Region or anywhere in the world, make it a point to tune your dial to 97.1 FM and the feeling will be one you will never want to forget.

Happy anniversary to all management and staff of Connect 97.1 FM.Francis Hema

By Francis Hema/

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