Confusion rocks Kwami Eugene’s ‘Confusion’ as similarities drawn with ‘Fais moi Confiance’ by Malian Sidiki


There is no doubt young, budding musician Kuami Eugene has made waves with his hit song ‘Angela’ among others, seeing the young musician top charts in the past year.

It is on the back of this that many have jumped on his new song ‘Confusion’ which seems to have brought some level of confusion among music lovers.

There is a growing debate on social media platforms about the originality of his ‘Confusion’ song, which some believe is a replica of Malian musician Sidiki Diabaté’s ‘Fais moi Confiance‘ which was released as far back as 2015.

Although the Malian’s song was sung in French, critics of Kuami Eugene believe the rhythm of his ‘Confusion’ song has a bearing on that of the Malian musician.

The song is a continuation of a love story brewed in his hit song ‘Angela’, and tells a story of people trying to come in between his affair with his love interest.

The music video shows Kwami Eugene trying to talk his love interest into seeing beyond the confusion created between them to ensure their love grows.

While Kuami Eugene’s song is one that depicts a young man chasing his love to resolve issues, the video of Malian musician Sidiki Diabaté’s ‘Fais moi Confiance’ shows a young man and a woman happily in a relationship.

The video then shows another woman who seems to be trying all her best to come between the two lovers.

As to whether Kuami Eugene copied the Malian musician, it depends on who is listening to both songs and watching the video, but what is quite obvious is the similarity on the rhythm of both songs.

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By Irene Amesimeku|| Ghana